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Deli Fresh Cold Cut Sandwiches

Available Items
These items are available at your specified time.

American Cheese $4.25 each

Black Forest Ham $5.25 each

Bologna $4.25 each

Capicola $5.25 each

Chicken Breast $5.25 each

Corned Beef $5.25 each

Cracked Pepper Turkey $5.25 each

Fresh Roasted Turkey $5.25 each

Fried Chicken Cutlet $5.25 each

Genoa Salami $5.25 each

Grilled Chicken Cutlet $5.25 each

Ham $5.25 each

Honey Maple Turkey $5.25 each

Liverwurst $4.25 each

Maple Glazed Turkey $5.25 each

Pastrami $5.25 each

Roast Beef $5.25 each

Smoked Turkey $5.25 each

Swiss Cheese $4.25 each

Virginia Ham $5.25 each